50 One Piece Funniest Moments

50 One Piece Funniest moments

Although One Piece can be serious, it’s still arguably one of the funniest anime in the world. Here’s my list of the 50 most hilarious and funny moments in One Piece.

Funniest Moments in One Piece:

Top 10

50. Zoro meets Tashigi

Zoro’s late childhood friend Kuina was the person who pushed Zoro to be the greatest swordsman in the world. He’s partly doing this for her, to carry on her dreams per say. Zoro was not expecting to see someone that looked just like his late friend Kuina in Loguetown. Their interactions are just too cute and funny.

49/48. Luffy and Ace learn how to be nice / Luffy trying to lie

We can all agree that luffy is a very honest individual. There have been multiple instances where Luffy has tried to lie, however, his body physically rejects the idea. It creates for some extremely funny moments with him and his crew.

Luffy and Ace are brutally honest so seeing them fail to be nice is extremely funny. Although Luffy didn’t exactly learn how to be nice as he got older, Ace did for his younger brother. Ace wanted to thank Shanks of the Red-Haired Pirates for saving Luffy.

47. Sogeking becomes a sword

The hype music and Usopp staying perfectly still is so funny to me. Zoro’s ability to be serious and never losing composure while Usopp is losing his shit is a sight to see.

46. Usopp goes for a swim

Usopp oozing with confidence and definitely didn’t think things through. He’s so stupid it’s hilarious. His face and the massive pause before everyone realises there might be a possibility he’s fallen to his death is one of the funniest moments in One Piece.

45. The crew meets Bon-chan

Bon Clay is such a charismatic and entertaining character. He’s one of the bravest and loyal characters in One Piece while also being wacky and clownish.

44. Pica’s voice

Picapicapicapicapica.. Ridiculous laugh and ridiculous voice. Seeing Zoro and Luffy unable to hold their laughter was extremely funny.

43. Zoro and Luffy explain what a hero is

A hero is someone who shares their meat, but I want it all for myself!


A hero is someone who shares his sake, but I want it all for myself!


Perfect definition provided by the two smartest members of the crew.

42. Franky, Usopp, Robin and Zoro react to Luffy vs Kaido

Please Robin.. Never make that kind of face ever again! We were certainly not expecting Luffy to fight Kaido so early into the Wano arc and neither were the rest of the Straw Hats. Of course Luffy’s always doing some bat-shit-crazy things all the time, but this was on another level.

Zoro making the WTF face because of the wasabi while everyone else made the face because of the news was pretty funny. Carefree nature, while everyone else is working towards getting intel fits Zoro’s character perfectly.

41. Nami, Chopper and Usopp in Thriller Bark

The adventures of the weakest trio.

40. Usopp pranks Zoro with a Tone Dial

Zoro’s reaction is absolutely hilarious. We love Usopp and can agree that the anime would be far less funny without him around.

39. Luffy uses Arlong’s teeth

Luffy comes up with a brilliant idea. This scene also featured of of the most important ideas One Piece is about; the importance of having a Nakama.

Of course I don’t know anything about swords. I can’t navigate, I can’t cook, I can’t even lie! I know I need friends to help me if I want to get ahead in life. But there’s one thing I can do, I can beat you!

Monkey D Luffy

38. Luffy hurts Zoro

Zoro will never catch a break as long as he’s under Luffy. It doesn’t help that Zoro is always injured and on the brink of death 90% of the time.

37. Chopper protects the Ship

Chopper being cute and hilarious.

36. Gangster Gastino

Caesar does not get a break. Of course he shouldn’t because of all the evil things he’s done before, but the guy’s been through a lot. Everyone takes advantage of him and it’s hilarious.

35. Boa Hancock loves Luffy

34. Sanji explains to Ivankov that he’s a Straw Hat

Sanji puking out blood just to admit the picture is him only for Ivakov to say “I don’t believe you” is one of the funniest Sanji moments of all time.

33. Zoro and Luffy reunite

Luffy and Zoro have such a unique relationship which always puts a smile on my face. They are best friends through and through and extremely similar in a lot of ways. Both airheads and extremely strong. Zoro and Luffy eating the poisonous meat while Luffy’s explaining the meat’s poisonous highlighted just how much of an airhead they are.

32. Sanji meets Duval

Brook’s reaction is absolutely hilarious.

31. Brook and Luffy drink milk

How the hell does this even work?

30. Sanji meets his blood donors

Poor Sanji. Now he has Okama blood running through his veins.

29. God Usopp

Funniest sequence of events in dressrosa.

28. Bartolomeo’s existence

Bartolomeo is a representation of us, the fans. His reaction when he’s around Luffy when he can’t control himself is downright hilarious.

27. Vivi tells the crew about Crocodile

Vivi can be such an airhead. Nami just gives up and tries to leave but they get her picture.

26. Caribou attacks the crew

25. Brook is a skeleton

This scene was one of the funniest moments in One Piece. Brook’s addition into the wold of One Piece has been so entertaining, from his classy immature behaviour to his stupid skeleton jokes.

24. Luffy sends smoker and Ace flying

23. Katakuri lies on his back eating donuts

Who would’ve thought such an awesome villain who’s never lost or layed on his back before would eat donuts in such an embarrassing position? It’s so One Piece.

22. Ace leaves without paying for his meal

He was trying so hard to be this mysterious ominous figure only to get caught not paying for his meal and running away.

21. Luffy calculates how many meals he missed

Who knew Luffy was so good at math when it came to the amount of meals he missed?

20. Enel’s reaction to Luffy’s immunity

So unexpected that Enel couldn’t believe it. His face of absolute confusion…

19. Momonosuke’s a pervert

The face Momonosuke makes makes me burst out laughing every time. This kid is the luckiest pervert in the world and seeing Brook and Sanji jealous of a kid is so hilarious.

18. Franky explains who’s coating the ship to Luffy

Luffy didn’t understand a word and Franky realises just how hopeless it was to explain it again, so he just agrees with him.

17. Franky in Chopper’s body

The face Franky makes inside Choppers body is one of the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen but Robin’s reaction made me lose my shit! Definitely one of the funniest moments in One Piece

16. Usopp “I’m always negative!”

The fact that Usopp was so proud of this fact made it extra hilarious. And then Perona’s WTF face too…

15. The crew meets Crocus

This gag is just so stupid and amusing.

Don’t or someone will die.

Oh? And who would that be?


– Crocus and Sanji

14. Chopper sits on Law’s head

Law is shown to be a secret, mysterious type so when Chopper’s unable to move and sits on Law’s head, it was the funniest and cutest thing ever. Law’s reaction too.. He really underestimated how immature the Straw Hat pirates were.

13. Robin’s dark humour

Robin’s ability to say the darkest thoughts so casually is one of the funniest gags in One Piece.

12. Zoro Tarzan yell

Zoro doing the Tarzan yell was one of the most hilarious moment in One Piece. Then Robin tells Nami she will die if she falls from the rope.

11. Kokoro is a mermaid reaction

Who would have thought the first mermaid we see in the anime would be an old hag? Well it IS One Piece and of course everyone’s dream, especially Sanji, gets shattered.

10/9. Chopper’s Bounty and Sanji’s Bounty

Poor Chopper, he worked so hard! He even defeated a member of the CP-9 only to receive a bounty of 50 berries. But Sanji got a great bounty of 77 million! Oh but it’s not him, it’s a drawn picture making him look like an idiot.

8. Buggy in Impel Down

Buggy is an oddball. He’s been with the strongest pirate crew and yet he’s one of the weakest characters in One Piece. The events in Impel Down with the prisoners believing that Buggy was actually really strong, and Buggy starting to believe them was one of the funniest moments in One Piece.

7. Robin joins the crew

Robin joining the crew was one of the most hilarious sequences of events. From when Luffy calls Zoro “Yontoryu” as an insult to where Robin manipulates everyone in the crew to like her. Not to mention Usopp getting duped by Luffy’s impersonation of Chopper. This scene was hilarious all-around.

6. Usopp’s somersault

Usopp never fails to make us laugh, and personally for me, this scene takes the cake. Especially because it was so unexpected. Believing that Sanji would make it to the destination earlier, Usopp barges in with confidence to save Nami. Once he realises Sanji’s not there, he asks Nami to save him. Him dodging and doing a somersault only to hit his head and starts crawling was so hilariously animated and stupid.

5. Luffy pushes a Zombie back into the ground

How hilarious was this scene honestly. Luffy couldn’t make any sense of what was going on so he tried to make sense of it.. so he just pushes the zombie back into the ground. And to top it off he calls the Zombie an old man…

4. Brook farting and burping / Asking to see panties

Being the sensible person you are, you’d assume the oldest member of the crew would also be the wisest. Well, this is One Piece and of course, Brook is the most immature one in the crew. Brook is willing to say whatever he wants and fart/burp whenever he wants.

3. Con D Oriano

I don’t care if this wasn’t cannon. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Usopp comes up with the most hilarious lie and Zoro had enough so he just knocks Condoriano out.

2. Impersonations

Funniest moments in One Piece

There are a handful of impersonations the crew likes to do and it’s amusing everytime. The most notable ones are:

  • Usopp impersonating Robin and Crocodile and,
  • Luffy impersonates Sanji and Zoro

1. Every Zoro getting lost gag

Zoro Getting Lost Funny moments in One Piece

Zoro has hands down, the funniest gag in One Piece. What I love about this is that it’s taken to such an extreme. It’s just so ridiculous and makes Zoro look like an absolute idiot. I love the fact he has this quirk despite being such a badass, which makes it even more hilarious.

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