6 Reasons why Vinsmoke Sanji is Awesome

6 Reasons why Vinsmoke Sanji is Awesome

Sanji is my favourite Straw Hat. Here are just 6 reasons why I think Vinsmoke Sanji is one of the most amazing characters in One Piece.

Why Sanji is Awesome

6. He’s super Strong

Sanji is considered by many as the third strongest character in the Straw Hat pirates. He can arguably be tied with Zoro for the second strongest since there’s strong evidence to suggest it.

Some evidence to suggest that Sanji is as powerful as Zoro:

Zoro and Sanji are consistently shown as rivals. They’re always at each other’s throats arguing and bickering at each other.

Another reason that suggests Sanji is as powerful as Zoro is that their opponents are shown to be rivals as well. For example, Kaku and Jabra, Mr. 1 and Mr. 2.

What’s so interesting about this is the fact that fighting isn’t Sanji’s forte. Sanji is a cook first and fighter second. The ability to compete with Zoro and Luffy is an amazing feat since their main role in the crew is to fight.

5. He’s incredibly intelligent

Another reason to love Sanji is that he’s an extremely intelligent individual. Despite having the strength to rival his captain, Sanji also has the ability to outsmart his opponents. He isn’t an airhead like Luffy and Zoro. Although, that isn’t to say Luffy and Zoro are dumb, rather, Sanji’s opponents challenge him more on a mental rather than a physical level.

Scenes where Sanji outsmarted his opponents

In Skypiea, Sanji knew he wasn’t going to defeat Enel so, he did the next best thing he could, he destroyed Enel’s ship. Sanji was able salvage the best outcome for him and the crew when all hope seemed lost.

4. He’s extremely kind

Sanji’s shown to be one of the kindest characters in One Piece. He’s willing to lay down his life for his friends and family. Some examples of his kindness are

  • He helps Kin’emon despite not knowing who he is,
  • Believes and trusts Nami in Arlong Park,
  • Believes and trusts Robin in water seven,
  • Helps Usopp understand that he shouldn’t underestimate himself and realise that there are things only he can do to help the crew

However, one of Sanji’s personality that shines out the most is his willingness to forgive. Sanji was treated like absolute garbage by his family from a young age. His dad hated him for being too weak and the only person that loved him for who he was, his mother passed away. Sanji had to disavow his name and was cast out.

Despite everything his family did to him, Sanji still chose to save them in Whole Cake Island. That’s because, that’s just the way he is and was raised by Zeff.

3. He has a big dream

Luffy and Sanji have similar dreams in a lot of ways. They’re big dreamers who don’t know whether what they’re looking for exists or not. There’s a lot of skepticism surrounding the “One Piece” and “All Blue”. Despite all the unbelievers, they choose to step forward towards their dream.

sanji all blue

Although, I am annoyed by the fact that Sanji’s dream has been severely downsized in it’s importance in the storyline.

2. He’s chivalrous

It’s not Sanji’s chivalry that makes me love his character. It’s the fact that he’ll always stick to his principles no matter how disadvantageous that makes him. Sanji knew he’d have to defeat Khalifa to save Robin, but it’s physically impossible for him to do it. He doesn’t want to disappoint the person who loved him and raised him with all their heart. The person who shares the same dream as him, Zeff.

1. He’s willing to lay down his life for his comrades

Sanji will lay down his life for his comrades without hesitation. He’s done so multiple times,

  • Sanji saves Usopp and prepares to take a blow from Enel’s strongest attack, knowing full well he could potentially die.
  • Sanji tells Zoro to stop being stupid and that he should be the one to sacrifice himself for the crew.
Sanji sacrifice

And he does this with such coolness and style. It really shows how much Sanji developed as a character in his time with the Straw Hats. Before Sanji joined the crew, he believed that everyone should give up on their crazy dreams. Now, he’s willing to lay down his life to protect his and especially his friends’ dream.

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