The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode 2 Review

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Episode 2 – The Witch of Destruction

The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode 2 Review


Another day, another attendance at the Demon King Academy. I must say that after watching this episode, I’m still quite intrigued, albeit somewhat cautiously. The premise of the story allows much freedom to choose which direction it wants to flow, and… I love that it chooses to have fun. The anime knows not to take itself too seriously and manages to balance the comedic aspect and the more serious commentary on its values perfectly. However, the pacing of the story has been quite speedy and while it works on some instances of the episode, it doesn’t work on others…


On the positive note, the anime has set a new bar for the comedic moments with this episode. There were plenty of hysterical moments to be had here, mostly at the expense of Anos’s victims since he’s just too overpowered. I love that he isn’t hesitant to show off his demonic powers either. If someone messes with Anos, he’ll educate them right then and there. It’s hilarious to watch the character’s ego vanish after encountering this demons overwhelming strength.

baby Anos Voldigoad talking

We get a short backstory about Anos’s death and reincarnation, and if it wasn’t obvious enough, Anos is actually a good demon and the problems this world faces aren’t as black and white as it seems, much like our world. Anos helps create world peace by separating the Infernal realm, the human realm, the spirit realm, and the heavenly realm.

In the present, we’re introduced to a new student, Sasha Necron who’s apparently Misha’s sister. Misha is neither a human or a demon because she’s created by magic? yeah.. something like that, and because of that, Sasha thinks she’s inferior and detests her.. Sasha is more or less your generic popular bitchy high school girl.

I don’t want to get into the details but Anos battles Sasha’s team with a wager to join the other team supposing they lose, and as you’d expected, Anos completely destroys them. It was extremely hilarious to watch Sasha being scared shitless, holding onto whatever she can when Anos lifts the castle up; stark contrast to how she acts when she thinks she has an advantage.

I was glad to see that despite Sasha taking on the generic role, she’s actually a talented magician devoted on honing her magical skills. After the battle, Sasha joins Anos – one thing leads to another and she gains feelings for him.

I didn’t like how Sasha and Misha’s relationship was handled. One moment she hates her and after literally zero conversation on screen, they are somehow holding hands walking home together. Sasha’s actions aren’t believable at all. At Least give me some closure.. Then, she finds out that Misha likes Anos so she decides to kiss Anos? None of this makes any sense…

It feels rushed for absolutely no reason. Hopefully romance isn’t the direction this anime is heading because it seems to be handled quite poorly. Relationships take time and while rushing some less serious moments is fine, it just doesn’t work when you’re trying to make your characters act in a believable way.


Music and animation was solid this episode and the art was actually quite stylistic this time, especially near the end. I’m still looking forward to the next episode because of the comedy, however, I hope that romance isn’t the direction this show wants to pursue.

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