Things to do while waiting for a new episode of Anime

Things to do while waiting for a new episode of Anime

I started reading One Piece around 8 or 9 years ago and occasionally I get this “One Piece craze” where I can’t focus on anything that’s not One Piece. This usually happens when there’s a massive reveal or an epic revelation. To fill my obsession and keep myself under control while waiting for a new episode, I tend to do these 5 things.

So, if you’re like me and just can’t get enough of an anime, do what I do. Feed your addiction.

5. Watch reaction videos on YouTube

There’s something I never knew I was addicted to; watching people watch One Piece for the very first time.

When I first heard about reaction channels, I thought they were kind of stupid. I mean you’re pretty much stealing content and profiting off of them right? Well… it’s kind of complicated.

The trick is to find the right channels that don’t blatantly display the anime or provide any personality. Believe me, it’s hard to find some good channels, but they do exist.

Some good channels for One Piece and other anime reactions are Animaechan, Double Dragon Broz and Uzumaki Khan

4. Re-read an arc to refresh your memory

Because I’ve been reading One Piece on a weekly basis for so long, it’s inevitable that my memory gets hazy. So, I’ll usually read some older arcs to keep myself updated. This helps me gain a better understanding of how the stories are typically structured, which in turn helps me gain a unique perspective on how the current story may unfold.

Every arc in One Piece has its own political issues and problems the Straw Hats get tangled with. Going back and looking at some of the older arcs allows me catch and better appreciate the amount of detail Oda puts into this series.

3. Read Theories and Discussion

There’s no end to theories and discussions in the One Piece community. The sheer size of the world and its characters allow for some unbelievable possibilities. This implies that crazy and far-fetched ideas could very well come true.

Forums like Arlong Park and the One Piece subreddit has plenty of users posting their theories and ideas on the series to keep yourself occupied for countless hours.

2. Watch Funny scenes from the Anime

What amazes me the most about One Piece is its ability to juggle between comedy and tragedy. After so many years and countless hours of viewing, I still find myself giggling uncontrollably at so many scenes. The gags in particular, such as Usopp lying, Sanji chivalry, Zoro getting lost are extremely hilarious to watch.

I’ve compiled a list of the funniest scenes in One Piece.

1. Analyse and understand the deeper themes of the series

Out of everything I like to do related to One Piece, this is my favourite one. It’s crazy to say, but I’ve found myself learning so much about the world and how to act through One Piece. One Piece tackles quite a few political issues and provides its own solution to these problems. These issues include racism, poverty, classism, slavery and corruption.

Anyways, I wanna know how you guys keep yourselves sane while you wait for a new chapter or episode to drop. What do you guys do?

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